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Vertical Hydrapulper for Pulping and Paper Machine


The Vertical Hydrapulper is mainly used in the waste paper pulp processing system, and the function is to break the pulp board, broken paper, waste paper, etc. The Vertical Hydrapulper produced by Leizhan are widely used in many paper mills.

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2800mm Coating Board Paper Machine


The net paper width of the coated white paper machine is 2800mm, which is mainly used for papermaking of coated paperboard. Leizhan provides a complete set of machines required for the production line of coated board paper.

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Tissue Paper Making Machine Price


The Tissue Paper Making Machine produced by Leizhan can produce up to 50 tons of household paper per day, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, and easy operation.

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Chain Conveyor for Papermaking Projects


Chain Conveyor is mainly used for conveying various bulk and bundled pulp boards and waste paper in the paper making industry. This machine can be used for horizontal conveying or conveying with an inclination of less than 25°.

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Drum Pulper for Pulping Line


Drum Pulper is an equipment that integrates pulping and coarse screening. The Drum Pulper is mainly used for continuous pulping of various waste papers, and coarse screening and slag removal of the pulp after pulping.

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Conical Refiner for Pulping Project


Conical Refiner is mainly used for coarse and fine refining of pulp, broke paper, recycled pulp. Conical Refiner is suitable for pulping long fiber pulp such as cotton pulp, wood pulp and hemp pulp.

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A4 Paper Writing Paper Making Machine


Advanced A4 paper writing paper making machine, high output, high efficiency and high profit. Welcome to contact us for more information, it will definitely bring more benefits to your paper mill.

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High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Line


As our company’s best-selling product, the high strength corrugated paper machine is welcomed by the majority of paper mills. It is also the main paper production line of our company.

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