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Project Case

What Failures Occur In Your Paper Equipment?


The paper machine production line has a long equipment flow, complex specifications and many systems. In the process, no matter which single machine or component is damaged, it will lead to a complete shutdown.

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Inflow Pressure Screen For Pulp Project


The inflow pressure screen is used for producing fine pulp of pulping and paper making system, and also applied to pre-screening of paper machine.

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3750mm Drum Pulper Equipment To Shanxi Paper Industry, China


In February, 2018, 3750mm drum pulper equipment is successfully delivered by Leizhan company to Shanxi paper industry, China for packing paper making.

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Leizhan Signed 500,000TPY Packing Paper Making Project, Kunming, China


On December 4, 2017, Leizhan successfully signed 500,000TPY(1600TPD) Packing Paper Making Project contract with Kunming Hongxi Ronghe Paper Industry.

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150TPD Corrugated Paper Making Project


150tpd corrugated paper making project need the paper pulping equipment for paper pulping and the corrugated paper machine for corrugated paper making.

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70TPD Kraft Paper Making Project


70tpd kraft paper making project contains two stage: paper pulping and paper making, so the suitable paper pulping equipment and paper machine is especially vital for finished paper making.

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100TPD Waste Newspaper Recycling Line


For 100TPD waste newspaper recycling line, Leizhan make the professional project including culture paper making machine and paper pulping equipment.

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Ghana 10TPD Tissue Paper Making Project


Recently, Ghana paper mill order Leizhan complete paper pulping equipment and paper machine for 10tpd tissue paper making project.

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