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Kraft Paper Making Line

Zhejiang Huatian 300000T/A Whiteboard Production Project Operation Site


Leizhan provided the Zhejiang Huatian with the pulp making line of 300000T/A whiteboard production project, which has been put into production, the pulp quality is good, and the customer is very satisfied.

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Leizhan Signed 500,000TPY Packing Paper Making Project, Kunming, China


On December 4, 2017, Leizhan successfully signed 500,000TPY(1600TPD) Packing Paper Making Project contract with Kunming Hongxi Ronghe Paper Industry.

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70TPD Kraft Paper Making Project


70tpd kraft paper making project contains two stage: paper pulping and paper making, so the suitable paper pulping equipment and paper machine is especially vital for finished paper making.

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Guangdong 250,000T/Y Paper Making Project


In August, 2017, Leizhan deliver the first batch of paper pulping equipment for Guangdong 250,000t/y paper making project, the main pulping equipment is drum pulper parts.

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Drum Pulper Equipment To Guangdong, China


In August, 2017, paper pulping equipment drum pulper is delivered to Guangdong, china for 25,oooo ton per year paper making, the drum pulper is very best for large capacity paper making.

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Egypt Corrugated/Whiteboard/Kraft Paper Making Project


In August, 2017, Leizhan delivered the paper pulping equipment for egypt new project 150tpd corrugated paper, whiteboard paper, kraft paper making.

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20TPD Kraft Paper Making Process


20TPD Kraft Paper Making Process is the process of paper pulping and kraft paper making, there will be some details about 20TPD Kraft Paper Making Machine.

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Paper Pulping Equipment To Hunan, China


In July, 2017, Leizhan again deliver the paper pulping process equipment to Hunan paper mills, the equipment contains drum pulper parts and chain conveyor parts.

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