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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Hot Melt Impurities Screw Press Washer


Screw press washer is used for dehydration and concentration of waste paper pulp in pulp and paper industry. Leizhan provides the screw press washer of large compression ratio, high slurry concentration, stable slurry concentration.

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Ragger Handle Entangled Impurities


The iron wire, rope, plastic, cotton yarn and other impurities in the pulp need to be treated with a ragger. Leizhan provides paper mills with ragger to improve the quality of the paper pulp quality.

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2100mm Three Wire Single Cylinder Wet Machine


The 2100mm three wire single cylinder wet machine has been improved to make it more convenient in the board production process. Leizhan provides customers with all kinds of paper machines and production machinery.

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500T Double Layer Wire Corrugated Paper Machine


500T double layer wire corrugated paper machine used to produce corrugated paper, cardboard paper, T paper. Leizhan provides corrugated machines and pulping lines to meet customer production needs for large, medium and small paper mills.

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Waste Paper Pulp Disc Thermal Disperser


The disc thermal disperser supplied by Leizhan is used for various pulp processing with waste paper as the basic raw material. After heat dispersion treatment, paper quality and performance can be significantly improved.

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Advanced Mid Consistency Pressure Screen


The mid consistency pressure screen used for coarse and fine screening various recycled pulp. Leizhan provides customers with the most advanced mid consistency pressure screen, and has over 42 years experience in paper making industry.

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High Quality Inflow Pressure Screen


Inflow pressure screen mainly used for fine screening of various pulp. Leizhan provides high quality inflow pressure screen with small motor power, high production capacity and energy saving.

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Advanced Paper Pulp Agitator


The paper pulp agitator produced by Leizhan has advanced blade design and strong thrust. The angle of blade can be adjusted. leizhan supplies paper pulp agitator to several paper mills.

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