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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Drum Pulper of Paper Mill


Leizhan’s drum pulper can provide efficient pulping solutions for the pulping production line of paper mills. Welcome to learn about our drum pulper and improve your paper making efficiency!

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150T Packaging Paper Stock Preparation Line Equipment


Leizhan’s packaging paper pulping project not only provides reliable environmentally friendly pulping solutions, but also provides complete technical support and services. Provide reliable support for the production process, improve paper pulping efficiency and reduce production costs.

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4600mm Corrugated & Testiner Board Paper Machine


The 4600/450 corrugated & testliner board machine is suitable for producing various types of cardboard such as corrugated paper and testliner board paper. It can flexibly respond to customers’ different needs and provide a variety of customization options.

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4600mm Corrugated Carton Board Paper Machine


Leizhan is a leading manufacturer of paper mill machinery, specializing in the production of corrugated carton board paper machines. Our 4600mm corrugated paper machines are essential for the production of corrugated carton board, which are used for packaging and shipping a wide range of goods.

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Corrugated Board Paper Making Machine


Corrugated board paper making machine is one of the main products of Leizhan. Leizhan’s corrugated board paper making machine adopts an automated production line, which can quickly and efficiently complete the production of cardboard, improve production efficiency, and save labor costs.

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Double Disc Refiner in Paper Mill


Leizhan’s double disc refiner is a device specially used in the pulping process to refine and improve the quality of pulp. By applying mechanical force to the pulp, the double disc refiner can break the fibers and improve the quality of the pulp.

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Corrugated Cardboard Paper Production Machine


One of the key features of the Leizhan’s corrugated cardboard paper machine is its advanced technology. The machine is equipped with state-of-the-art components, such as high-speed bearings, precision gears, and advanced control systems, that ensure smooth and reliable operation. This results in higher productivity, lower maintenance costs, and increased profitability for paper mills.

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550TPD Fluting Paper Machine


Leizhan’s fluting paper machine is well-known for its excellent performance, reliable durability and efficient output. Leizhan not only provides high-quality paper making machinery, but also provides comprehensive after-sales service and professional technical support.

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