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Corrugated Paper Making Line

3200mm Single Fourdrinier Paper Machine


The 3200mm Single Fourdrinier Paper Machine produced by Leizhan has the advantages of high cost, high efficiency and easy operation, and can produce high-quality corrugated paper.

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High Efficiency Vibrating Screen


Vibrating Screen is mainly used to screen and remove various light impurities in pulp suspension. The Vibrating Screen produced by Leizhan has been installed and used in many paper mills.

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Chain Conveyor with High Output


The Chain Conveyor is mainly used for conveying various bulk and bundled pulp boards and waste paper, and has the advantages of good quality, energy saving, and high efficiency. Leizhan’s Chain Conveyors are widely used in many paper mills at home and abroad.

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High-selling Reject Separator


The Reject Separator is mainly used for fiber decomposing and impurity separation of tailing slurry. The Reject Separator produced by Leizhan has the characteristics of high cost, good quality and high efficiency, and is one of the ideal equipment for paper mills.

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Single Effect Fiber Separator for Pulping Line


The Single Effect Fiber Separator produced by Leizhan integrates the functions of pulping, impurity removal and coarse screening, which effectively simplifies the waste paper treatment process and reduces energy consumption.

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High-strength Rope Cutter


The Rope Cutter is one of the necessary equipment on the pulping line. This machine is used in conjunction with the Ragger to cut the ropes twisted by the Ragger.

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3600mm High-strength Corrugated Paper Machine


3600mm Corrugated Paper Machine is mainly used to produce high-strength corrugated paper. Leizhan’s engineers can design paper machine drawings and solutions according to customer needs.

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Light Impurity Separator for Coarse Screening Process


The Light Impurity Separator is mainly used to process the light slag and tail slurry in the coarse screening process. The Light Impurity Separator produced by Leizhan has high cost, low price and good slurry treatment effect.

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