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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Advantages Of Bale Breaker


The corporate benefits, environmental benefits, and social benefits brought by bale breker machines make more and more people choose bale breaker machines. Bale breaker is the optimal crushing equipment in the rough screening stage.

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Turkey Paper Mill Pulping Turnkey Project


On March 8, 2023, a series of pulping equipment produced by Leizhan for Turkish customers was sent to Turkey.

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Manufacturer Of Pulping Equipment And Accessories For Paper Mills


The pulp production equipment required by the paper mill has a complex process and requires a variety of equipment. We can guide how to choose equipment, how to update production equipment.

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Drum Pulper And D-type Continuous Disintegration System


What is the difference between the drum pulper crushing system and the D-type continuous crushing system? Why more and more people choose drum shredding system?

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Ragger Removes Iron Wire Rope Plastic Cotton Yarn From Pulp


How to remove the entanglement impurities in the recycled pulp of waste paper? Which part of the waste paper pulp production line is the rope twisting machine used for? What equipment is needed for waste paper pulp production line? Contact us by email and communicate directly with professionals.

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Hydrapurger To Deal With Pulp Impurities


The newly developed hydrapurger by Leizhan is a good treatment equipment for pulp roughing stage in paper mills. The hydrapurger is specially used to process the crushed pulp of the high-consistency pulper, collect and concentrate the impurities in the pulp.

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Waste Paper Recycling Baler


The waste paper baler is the equipment that many of our customers need. This time, the waste paper baler is launched, which can be used in the waste paper recycling industry to cope with the ever-expanding production.

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Sludge Dewatering Machine Paper Making Industry


Sewage treatment plants and sewage stations are the inevitable products of sewage treatment. Many papermaking and waste paper recycling industries require sludge and wastewater treatment equipment.

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