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Corrugated Paper Making Line

3600mm High-strength Corrugated Paper Machine


3600mm Corrugated Paper Machine is mainly used to produce high-strength corrugated paper. Leizhan’s engineers can design paper machine drawings and solutions according to customer needs.

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Light Impurity Separator for Coarse Screening Process


The Light Impurity Separator is mainly used to process the light slag and tail slurry in the coarse screening process. The Light Impurity Separator produced by Leizhan has high cost, low price and good slurry treatment effect.

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High Density Cleaner for Pulp Production Line


High Density Cleaner are mainly used to remove staples, bolts, stones and other large and other heavy impurities in the coarse slurry. The High Density Cleaner produced by Leizhan has been used in many papermaking production lines at home and abroad.

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Drum Screen in Pulping System of Recycled Paper


Drum Screen is mainly used in recycled paper pulping systems, and its function is to remove large-shaped light impurities in waste paper pulp. The Drum Screen is used in conjunction with the Hydrapurger.

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Hydrapurger for Waste Paper Pulping Process


The Hydrapurger is used in the waste paper pulping process and is the main auxiliary equipment for the continuous disintegration of the D Type Hydrapulper. The function of the Hydrapurger is to further dissolve the tailings of the Hydrapulper and separate light and heavy impurities.

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Drum Pulper for Pulping Line


Drum Pulper is an equipment that integrates pulping and coarse screening. The Drum Pulper is mainly used for continuous pulping of various waste papers, and coarse screening and slag removal of the pulp after pulping.

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High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Line


As our company’s best-selling product, the high strength corrugated paper machine is welcomed by the majority of paper mills. It is also the main paper production line of our company.

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High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Plant


For the waste paper recycling project, Leizhan provides the pulp making project. The waste paper as raw material after processing by pulping line, turns into well useful pulp.

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