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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Conclusion About Beating In Paper Production


During beating, there are some details can’t be ignored, for example, he thickness is inversely proportional to the degree of beating (if other test results permit, the beating is adjusted; the initial beating causes the thickness to drop significantly).

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Application Of Duplex Press


The duplex press refers to multi-nip press composed of a plurality of press rolls, and is actually a combination of multi-roll presses, which has high dewatering efficiency and high paper dryness.

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Pulping Equipment Fiber Grading Screen


The fiber grading screen is vibrated by vibration motor and spring, this unique pulping equipment has the characteristics of small size, convenient operation and reliable operation.

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What Is Composition Of Press Section?


In the press section, the dehydration process at the beginning of forming section continues. Dewatering is achieved by passing the paper web through a number of press roll clamps.

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Two-phase Flow Pulp Pump Characteristics


Pulp pump, is an advanced machine that be widely used in paper industry. It is a paper making equipment and belongs to the category of paper equipment accessories.

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Classification And Usage Of Waste Paper


Waste paper refers to recyclable resources that are discarded after being used in our daily life. Internationally, waste paper is generally divided into three types: European waste, American waste, and daily waste.

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Inspection To Packaging Carton


Packaging cartons are made of paper products and are used to package various items. It is very common in life, and produced by paper industry, which is especially used in the logistics industry.

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Hydrapulper In Egg Tray Product Line


During the use of egg tray machine, it has an important influence on selection of hydrapulper, one suitable hydrapulper is necessary if you want to produce qualified egg tray in the whole egg tray product line.

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