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Culture Paper Making Line

Reason For Paper Curling In Production Process


At present, the domestic papermaking industry has introduced a large number of modern high-speed paper machines, which are characterized by the use of single-row dryers. However, paper sheets produced by single-row dryers will be curled.

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Fiber Grading Screen VS M.C. Pressure Screen


Actually, fiber grading screen belongs to outflow pressure screen. Its main functions are screening, fiber screening, washing and concentrate. And M.C. pressure screen is used to coarse and fine screen of waste paper pulp.

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Shaft Reel Machine VS Cylinder Reel Machine


The reeling machine is the first equipment after paper making machine, which can make paper more uniform and meet the needs of different papers. Shaft reeling machine and cylinder reeling machine are two different sets of equipment.

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Advantages And Maintenance About Rewinder


The rewinder is generally used for: rewinding and slitting of mica tape, paper, and film, which is often used to cut wide webs and further re-cutting. It is a special equipment for paper, mica tape and film.

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Low Density Cleaner In Pulping Process


Low Density Cleaner is commonly used in waste paper pulp production line during the pulping process, and sometimes even essential purification equipment for most paper plants.

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Fillers In Paper Making


The fillers is used to give the paper specific properties such as whiteness, opacity, and smoothness in paper making process, so it’s important for finished paper quality.

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Pulp And Paper Making Process


For pulp and paper industry, there are many problems need to pay attention in pulp and paper making process, and some pulp and paper making tips may be unclear for some people, so the judgement is for you.

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Paper Making Machine Dehydration


Paper machine dehydration is for wet paper sheet dewatering in paper making process, but some problems may occur in paper machine dehydration, so what’s the measures to solve paper machine dehydration?

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