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Culture Paper Making Line

Deinking High Consistency Hydraulic Pulper


High-consistency pulpers are mainly used for ink separation of waste paper. We also provide medium-consistency hydraulic pulpers and D-type hydraulic pulpers for wood pulp and waste paper recycling, which are customized according to customer requirements.

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Pulp Deinking System Equipment


Pulp deinking equipment needs to use Front Flotation Deinking Machine, High Speed Stock Washer, Screw Press Washer, Heater, Disc Disperser, Screw Conveyor, etc. We are a professional manufacturer.

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50T/18H Waste paper Deinking Pulp Production Line


We provide waste paper deinking line, this article is a 50t/18h waste paper deinking production line for the production of cultural paper. We supply equipment for the entire deinking line.

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Pulp Making High Frequency Fiber Deflaker


The fiber deflaker is the best equipment for defibrating fibers, making the fibers in the pulp evenly distributed, retaining the fibers to the greatest extent and providing the quality of the finished paper.

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High Frequency Fiber Deflaker


The fiber deflaker can be widely used in the refining treatment of waste paper pulp, straw pulp, reed pulp, kapok pulp, etc. We provide customers with full technical guidance and provide the best price.

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Writing Paper Copy Paper Pulp Production Line


The writing paper and copy paper pulping line provides complete pulping equipment and papermaking production lines. The raw materials can be: commercial wood pulp, waste white strips, white waste paper, etc. Our professionals provide full technical support and production solutions.

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Flotation Deinking Machine Pulp Deinking System


The flotation deinking machine mainly removes ink particles in the slurry, and can be used to process more types of waste paper. Including waste newspaper, waste magazine paper, we provide a complete waste paper deinking system.

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Heat Dispersion System Equipment


This article describes the equipment required for a heat dispersion system. Before heat dispersion, the glue on the paper is messy and dirty. After the heat dispersion system, the paper becomes clean and smooth.

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