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Culture Paper Making Line

Press Roll of Paper Production


In the paper making process, the press roll is a vital component. Leizhan’s paper making machinery press rolls are carefully designed and produced to help customers improve production efficiency and ensure that paper products achieve the best quality.

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Pulping Equipment D Type Hydrapulper


The D-type hydrapulper designed and manufactured by Leizhan is an advanced waste paper pulping machine. Its innovative design and advanced technology can ensure efficient and effective pulping of waste paper materials, making the pulping process more economical and environmentally friendly.

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Waste Paper Bale Breaker


By effectively breaking down waste paper bales, the bale breaker accelerates the pulping process, improving overall efficiency in paper recycling operations. Leizhan’s waste paper bale breaker has garnered acclaim for its role in enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of paper recycling processes worldwide.

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20TD Culture Paper Machine


Leizhan’s 20td culture paper machines leverage advanced engineering to precisely control parameters such as pressure, temperature, and moisture content throughout the production process. This results in paper with superior smoothness and printability.

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Calender of Paper Machinery Product


In the competitive world of paper manufacturing, achieving superior paper quality requires advanced calender that ensures impeccable surface finish and optimal thickness uniformity. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship, Leizhan constructs our calender using robust materials and components.

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Pulping Equipment Eccentric Pulper


One crucial piece of machinery that plays a key role in the pulping process is the eccentric pulper. Leizhan is a leading manufacturer of pulping machines, including the eccentric pulper, that are designed to meet the specific needs of paper mills.

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Sizing Machine of Paper Production


In the realm of paper production, the sizing process plays a crucial role in determining the quality and characteristics of the final paper product. Leizhan, a prominent player in the paper machinery industry, has been revolutionizing the sizing process with its cutting-edge sizing machines.

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Paper Machinery Calender


The calender is a critical component in the paper manufacturing process, responsible for improving the surface properties of the paper, including smoothness, gloss, and density. Leizhan designs calender that caters to the diverse needs of paper producers worldwide.

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