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Culture Paper Making Line

20T Waste Paper White Shavings Pulping Line


Do you know what equipment is needed for the white shavings pulping production line? This article Leizhan briefly introduces the white shavings pulping production line. Leizhan also offers complete pulping lines for wood pulp, straw pulp and waste paper.

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Less Loss Double Disc Refiner


The double-disc refiner is very beneficial for the beating of short fiber raw materials (including hardwood and grass raw materials, etc.). Leizhan provides a variety of refiner equipment in the stock preparation process.

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High Quality A4/Office Paper Making Machine


The production of office paper is more complex than other papers. Leizhan provides office paper making machines for large, medium and small scale paper mills, and the cooperation is very pleasant.

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Paper Mill Winding Impurities Rope Cutter


Paper mill winding impurities rope cutter offer many conveniences during the pulping process. Leizhan offers rope cutters with dual hydraulic design, which handle impurities more efficiently.

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Deinking Of Waste Paper High Consistency Hydrapulper


High-consistency hydrapulper are mainly used in the deinking process of waste paper. The high-consistency hydrapulper provided by Leizhan has a compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, and is deeply loved by customers.

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Paper Mill Heating Screw Conveyor


The heating screw conveyor can be used to heat the pulp and add bleach solution. Leizhan provides heating screw conveyors for paper mills, which are used in the production of kraft paper, corrugated paper, coated paper, etc.

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Hot Melt Impurity Kneader Heat Disperser


How to remove hot melt impurities such as grease, wax, plastic and rubber in the papermaking process? Leizhan provides kneader heat disperser to solve such problems for paper mills. This article introduces a kneader heat disperser.

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Paper Mill Pulp Heavy Impurity Cleaner


The heavy impurity cleaner is used to remove heavy impurities in pulp and is widely used in the paper industry. The Heavy Impurity Cleaner provided by Leizhan can achieve the effect of low fiber loss, high purification efficiency.

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