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Coating Board Paper Making Line

Low Density Cleaner For Removing Impurities In Pulp


The low density cleaner is used for slurry purification to remove various impurities. Leizhan provides low density cleaner and heavy impurity cleaner, and customizes solutions according to the different needs of customers.

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Paper Mill Pulp Classification


There are many raw materials that can be used in papermaking, but different raw materials require different equipment and production plans. What are the main classifications of pulp?

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Chemical Pulping Papermaking Process


Chemical pulping uses an aqueous solution of chemicals to cook plant fiber raw materials to dissolve lignin and disperse the fibers. Further made into pulp. Leizhan can provide pulp and paper production lines.

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Waste Paper Virgin Pulping Process


Waste paper is the raw material of many paper mills. Leizhan provides a complete set of pulping equipment for large, medium and small paper mills and provides full technical support.

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Mid Consistency Pressure Screen


The mid consistency pressure screen can be used in the pulping line of toilet paper, kraft paper and cultural paper. According to different screen basket, it can be used in different positions such as coarse screen and fine screen.

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Middle Consistency Pressure Screen


Middle consistency pressure screen is used in papermaking pulping line, and the raw materials are OCC and LOCC. Leizhan provides middle consistency pressure screen with a screening area of 0.3-6㎡.

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Reject Separator VS Vibrating Screen


Both the reject separator and the vibrating screen are mainly used to remove impurities in coarsely screened tailings. Leizhan provides different equipment and solutions according to the different needs of customers.

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White Cardboard Pulp Production Line


The pulp raw materials for making white cardboard can be waste packaging boxes, AOCC, waste office paper, white shavings, etc. Leizhan briefly introduced the pulping process of white cardboard.

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