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Coating Board Paper Making Line

Pulping Line Hydrapurger


Leizhan adheres to technological innovation and quality control. Our impurity separator has excellent separation efficiency and production capacity in the continuous pulping system. It has the advantages of high light impurity removal efficiency, large production capacity, compact structure, and easy installation and maintenance.

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Sizing Machine by China Manufacturer


In the bustling paper making industrial landscape of Zhengzhou, China, Leizhan emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of paper manufacturing equipment. The sizing machine incorporates energy-efficient technologies that minimize power consumption during operation, contributing to reduced carbon emissions and operational costs for paper manufacturers.

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Drum Screen for Pulping


At the core of Leizhan’s drum screen lies a sophisticated design tailored for efficiency. The drum screen is meticulously engineered to effectively separate fibers from contaminants during the pulp screening stage. This pulping process is essential for ensuring the quality and purity of the pulp, which directly impacts the final paper product.

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Vibrating Screen of Paper Plant


Vibrating screens are crucial in separating materials based on size, ensuring that all components of the waste paper are uniformly prepared for pulping. This process not only improves the quality of the recycled paper but also maximizes the efficiency of the recycling operation.

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Light Impurity Separator Of Paper Mill


By effectively removing impurities from waste paper pulp, Leizhan’s light impurity separator contributes to the production of cleaner, more environmentally sustainable paper products. Light impurity separator can help paper mills increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

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Doctor Blade of Paper Machinery


Leizhan is a renowned industry leader known for its innovative solutions, and its doctor blade stands out as a key component in enhancing the performance of paper machinery.

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Paper Machinery Foundation Plate


When it comes to the production of high-quality paper machinery, the foundation plate plays a crucial role in ensuring stability, precision, and longevity. Leizhan, a renowned leader in the paper machinery industry, stands out for its commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Coating Board Paper Production Machine


Leizhan’s coating board paper machine utilizes advanced precision coating technology to apply a uniform and smooth coating layer onto the paper surface. This results in enhanced printability, improved surface gloss, and superior ink adhesion, meeting the stringent quality requirements of coated board paper applications.

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