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Coating Board Paper Making Line

4800mm Coated White Cardboard Machine


4800mm Coated White Cardboard Machine is designed for 970t/d coated white cardboard paper making, which is mainly used in coated paperboard production line, and is suitable for large paper mill to produce.

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Calendering Principle Of Soft Roll Calender


Soft roll calender belongs to paper machine calendering, besides, there are some other kinds of calender, such as paper machine calender, semi-dry calender, super calender, glossy calender, super soft calender, etc.

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Features About Forming Wire


Forming wire is an important equipment during the paper making. It is a device for forming and dewatering paper on the paper machine. It dehydrates the pulp suspension from headbox and runs the paper web to subsequent section.

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Waste Recycle Paper Making By Drying Method


Dry paper making is relative to traditional wet paper making. The traditional wet paper making process disperses pulp into water and then uses paper forming wire to form paper sheets.

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Coating Machine Working Principle


The coating machine is used for coating production of sealing tape. The roll of paper is coated with a layer of glue, paint
or ink with specific effect, and dried to be wound up.

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Spare Parts Dryer Cylinder Paper Machine


Dryer Cylinder is a hollow cylinder made of cast iron and covered at both sides, which consists of cylinder block and Cylinder head with both ends. the outer diameter is 1000-3000mm, drying conveyed paper by delivery steam in the process of operation.

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Coated Paper Making Process


For coated paper making, the coated paper making technology can be divided into different types, so the different coated paper production technology is following:

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Coated White Paper Board Making


People have higher requirements on packaging paper quality, coated white paper board also become the pursuit, so what requirements the coated white paper board making should meet?

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