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Coating Board Paper Making Line

Coated Paper Board Project


Contact our professionals by email to provide details of coated paper production lines and solutions. Coated paper, commonly known as coated paper, has many types and can be used for printing various color prints.

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What Are The Advantages Of Middle Consistency Pulper?


We produce high-quality middle consistency pulpers, which have been successfully installed for domestic and foreign manufacturers many times.

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Duplex Paper Board Gray Board Coated White Board Paper Production Machine


Duplex board, gray cardboard, and coated white board are all commonly used, large capacity packaging paper types. We supply turnkey projects for paper mills and accessories for all parts of the paper machine.

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Greyboard Packaging Paper Machine And Turnkey Project


Gray board paper is now a relatively common packaging paper. We provide gray board paper production equipment and gray board turnkey projects for paper mills around the world.

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Pulp Disc Heat Dispersion Main Structure


The disc heat disperser uses waste paper as the basic raw material to process various slurries, and disperses impurities such as stickies in waste paper to improve paper quality.

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Pulp Disc Thickener For Improving Pulp Concentration


We produce pulp thickeners, which can achieve the purpose of washing the pulp while concentrating the pulp, and then flow into the pulp tank for the next stage after concentration.

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Best Price High Quality Energy Saving Pressure Screen


We use the best quality materials for the inlet, outlet, screen drum and flange connections of this energy-saving pressure screen. In addition, we can provide all the pulping equipment required for pulp production.

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Roller Bale Opener Conveyor Machine


Leizhan offers chain conveyors with thimble design, ropes for pulling paper-cut bales and wood pulp boards. The operator can cut and pull the shreds conveniently and easily on both sides.

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