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CSYTS Series Drum Screen For Coarse Screening

Function and features:
1. It is mainlyused in the end stage of coarse sereening in the waste paper pulping process, to clean the light light impurities in the pulp, and to separare the pulp from the light impurities.
2 The pulp enters the Drum Screen after passing through the preceding equipment. and the accept enters the next process after passing through the screen slot. The light impurities are gradually led to the outlet and discharged continuously under the action of high-pressure flushing water and the internal structure of the drum.
3. It has the advantages of good screening and separation effect, low power consumption, simple structure, convenient maintenance, high impurity purity and less fiber loss etc.
4. lt is an replace product of Kangbi Screen, Reject Separator and Vibrating Screen.

Main technical parameters

Model CSYTS850 CSYTS1500
Drum diameter (mm) ɸ850 ɸ1500
Throughput (L/min) 3000-5000 6000-8000
Motor Power (kw) 4 15