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Stainless Steel Double Disc Refiner


This 450 double disc refiner used for beating and improve the beating degree of pulp to satisfy the papermaking demand. And it has the features of high efficiency and low consumption.

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4600mm Fluting Paper Making Machine


This paper production line is mainly used to manufacture fluting corrugated paper of 350t/d capacity and 4600mm net paper width. And many large scale paper mill usually choose this project to produce fluting paper.

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Waste Paper Recycle Machine D Type Hydrapulper


New Type D Type Hydrapulper Paper Production Equipment for Paper Mill, which improves the work efficiency, and it can be used for pulping waste paper & wet strengh paper.

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Paper Mill Machine Heabox In Paper Recycling Line


Paper machine spare headbox is used in paper making line which has the function of conveying pulp to wire part, and plays a essential role in paper recycling project.

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Automatic Tissue Rewinder Machine Features


The rewinder machine roll paper is finished by reeling roll and platen roller rewinding guide roll (the tightness of the roll paper is adjusted according to the customer’s requirements, and the air pressure control is convenient to adjust).

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Reason For Paper Curling In Production Process


At present, the domestic papermaking industry has introduced a large number of modern high-speed paper machines, which are characterized by the use of single-row dryers. However, paper sheets produced by single-row dryers will be curled.

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Inclined Wire Machine In Paper Industry


The emergence of Inclined Wire Machine is due to the use of long and non-plant fibers in papermaking. Because the inclined wire forming has good dewatering performance, good uniformity of papermaking, good air permeability, etc.

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Conclusion About Beating In Paper Production


During beating, there are some details can’t be ignored, for example, he thickness is inversely proportional to the degree of beating (if other test results permit, the beating is adjusted; the initial beating causes the thickness to drop significantly).

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