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Deflaker Pulp Fiber Deflaking Equipment


The deflaker machine is currently the best hydraulic fiber deflaking equipment, which breaks up the fiber bundles and distributes them evenly. We manufacture pulping equipment for the production and conveyor of all kinds of pulp.

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Agitator Mixer Propeller For Paper Pulp


The main function of the pulp tank agitator is to stir, mix, and propell the continuous delivery of paper pulp. According to the volume of the pulp tank, different models can be used in the range of 20-230 m3.

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Reject Separator Stock Preparation Line Machine


The production of toilet paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper, and material preparation process all require impurity separation equipment. We produce reject separator to effectively remove a large amount of impurities in the coarse screening stage.

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Paper Shredding Recycling Process Production Equipment


The equipment needed in the paper mill includes: Pulper, Screening, Refiner, Cleaner, Conveyor & Agitator, Thickener and paper machine. We supply all the machines above.

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Pulp Disc Thickener For Improving Pulp Concentration


We produce pulp thickeners, which can achieve the purpose of washing the pulp while concentrating the pulp, and then flow into the pulp tank for the next stage after concentration.

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Heavy Slag Extruder Handling Pulp Tailings


The heavy slag extruder is a new pulp thickening equipment installed by Leizhan, which is suitable for various concentrations of pulp, and the tailings generated in the papermaking process can be processed.

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Old Carton Recycling Line Papermaking Project


We have helped many paper mills build old carton recycling production lines to make pulp for the production of corrugated paper, kraft paper, gray board paper and coated paper.

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New Type Middle Consistency Pressure Screen Manufacturer


The new medium-consistency screen produced and developed by Leizhan has been installed and put into production in many paper mills. In terms of fiber loss, there is a great improvement in the wear of accessories.

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