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Paper Mill Spare Parts Doctor Blade


As a leading paper making machinery manufacturer and supplier, our doctor blade adopt special processing technology to ensure they have excellent wear resistance even under high-speed operation, improving production efficiency and paper quality.

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2600mm Multi Cylinder Mould Paper Machine


The 2600mm muti-dryer cylinders mould cylinder paper machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and strong stability in paper production, and is widely used in different types of paper production lines. And can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption

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3800mm Kraft Paper Machine


Leizhan’s kraft paper machine adopts advanced design and manufacturing technology and can adapt to a variety of kraft paper production needs. Our paper machines are characterized by high efficiency and low energy consumption, which can improve production efficiency for customers.

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Drum Screen for Pulping Production Line


In the competitive landscape of paper recycling, the removal of large light impurities is critical for ensuring the quality of the final product. Leizhan has introduced the innovative drum screen, a specialized machine designed to enhance the waste paper pulping process.

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Paper Pulping Machine Reject Separator


Utilizing state-of-the-art screening technology, the reject separator effectively removes unwanted materials. Leizhan stands at the forefront with its innovative reject separator, designed to revolutionize paper mill operations.

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Paper Mill Machinery Calender


The applications of the calender span across various sectors, including publishing, packaging, and specialty paper production. Leizhan leads the paper industry with its innovative calenders designed to improve paper surface smoothness, gloss and uniformity and enhance paper performance.

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Mid Consistency Pressure Screen for Paper Recycling


In the rapidly developing paper making industry, the choice of pulp processing equipment directly affects production efficiency and paper quality. The ZNS series of mid-consistency pressure screen launched by Leizhan can be used for both coarse screening and fine screening. Its broad applicability makes it ideal for pulp processing.

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A4 Copy Paper Making Line


As a leading paper making machinery supplier, Leizhan provides customers with A4 copy paper making production lines that adopt the most advanced production processes and technologies and can achieve high-speed production. Whether pulp preparation or paper forming, all can be produced efficiently.

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