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Single Suction Volute Centrifugal Pulp Pump


We provide single-suction volute centrifugal pumps for the pulp and paper industry, industrial sewage, sugar starch, and environmental protection projects.

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Coated Paper Board Project


Contact our professionals by email to provide details of coated paper production lines and solutions. Coated paper, commonly known as coated paper, has many types and can be used for printing various color prints.

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200t/d Packaging Paper Machine Process


We provide production lines and stock preparation lines for the production of packaging paper, including: kraft paper, coated paper, corrugated paper, liner paper, duplex paper baord, gray board paper.

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350T/24H Artboard Pulp Project


We can provide all the equipment needed for pulp preparation and papermaking line of art board in paper mill.

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Reject Separator Removes Impurities


We produce reject separator with rich experience. The slag separator has the functions of spraying water and self-cleaning, and is an advanced pulp screening equipment.

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Pulp Thickener Equipment Manufacturer


We manufacture a wide range of stock thickening equipment for papermaking projects for paper mills. Toilet paper projects, corrugated paper projects, cardboard paper projects, etc.

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Small Scale Paper Mill Chain Conveyor


We manufacture small conveying equipment for waste paper and raw material conveying in paper mills.There is a small thimble on the chain, which plays the role of fixing and conveying.

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Deflaker For Paper Pulp


The deflaker is suitable for various raw materials, including: mechanical pulp, waste paper pulp, wood pulp, etc. Only fiber bundles are loosened, fibers are not cut. Deflaker is a very good pulping equipment.

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