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Coated Paper Making Process


For coated paper making, the coated paper making technology can be divided into different types, so the different coated paper production technology is following:

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Air Cushion Headbox In Paper Machine


The air cushion headbox consists of stock distributor, evening device, slice device, headbox chamber and headbox support, air supply system, etc.

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Fillers In Paper Making


The fillers is used to give the paper specific properties such as whiteness, opacity, and smoothness in paper making process, so it’s important for finished paper quality.

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Coated White Paper Board Making


People have higher requirements on packaging paper quality, coated white paper board also become the pursuit, so what requirements the coated white paper board making should meet?

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30TPD Kraft Paper Production Line


30TPD kraft paper production line need the paper pulping equipment and kraft paper making machine, and the 2400mm kraft paper machine is suitable for 30tpd kraft paper making.

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Doctor Blade For Coating Machine


Doctor blade for coating machine can divide into two types: bent blade and stiff blade, following is the coating machine doctor blade description.

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Soft Calender Machine VS Hard Calender Machine


Calender machine is to make the paper smooth and glossy for printing and writing, and it can be divide into soft calender and hard calender.

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Sack Kraft Paper Making


Sack kraft paper with the advantage of high stiffness and excellent runnability, is widely used and sack kraft paper making is also increased in paper industry.

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