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Kraft Paper Making Line

Waste Paper Pulp High Speed Stock Washer


High speed stock washer is specially used for washing and concentration in waste paper treatment system. Leizhan’s high speed stock washer has achieved an excellent level in terms of working principle, main structure and outstanding advantages.

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High Density Cleaner For Automated Pulping


The high density cleaner is a kind of high consistency slag removal equipment for purifying pulp, which is an indispensable key equipment for waste paper recycling. It uses the different proportions of fibers and impurities to separate heavy impurities from the pulp to achieve the purpose of purifying the pulp.

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Paper Mill Three Layer Wire Cardboard Paper Machine


As an important equipment in the paper industry, the cardboard paper machine plays a vital role in the production process of cardboard paper. Our paper machines are not only able to meet the needs of large-scale cardboard paper production, but can also be customized and designed according to customers’ special requirements to maximize production efficiency and reduce costs.

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Pulp Screening Middle Consistency Pressure Screen


The middle consistency pressure screen is operated under the rotation and centrifugation of the drum screen and drum to separate qualified pulp from unqualified pulp. It consists of a cylinder body, a cylinder cover, a screen cylinder, a rotary cylinder, a base and transmission components.

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50T/D Kraft Paper Making Machine


Kraft paper is a very tough and water-resistant packaging paper that is favored by many paper mills. We provide paper mills with kraft paper machine with a daily output of 50 tons, our production line includes pulping part and paper machine part.

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D Type Hydrapulper In Pulping Line Of Paper Mill


The characteristics of D type hydrapulper in paper making lines include efficient pulping, low energy consumption, strong adaptability, reduced pulp loss and easy operation. The pulper provides high-quality pulp raw materials for the subsequent paper making process.

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High Density Cleaner In Paper Production Line


The high density cleaner is a key equipment in the pulp paper making process. It is mainly used to remove impurities, large particles and other heavy impurities in the pulp to improve paper making quality and paper machine production efficiency.

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Advantages Of MC Pressure Screen In Paper Mill


The MC pressure screen produced by Leizhan adopts manual welding and mechanical sealing, which makes the workmanship more exquisite and can be applied longer. At present, this MC pressure screen is an ideal screening equipment, and the screening effect is better.

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