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Kraft Paper Making Line

3300mm Top Thread Overfeed Rewinder Structure


We supply paper rewinders to paper mills. This article mainly introduces the components of the 3300mm top thread rewinder. For parameters, operation and machine maintenance, please email us.

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Pulping Equipment For 45t/24h Food Packaging Line


This time, Leizhan has customized 45t/24h food packaging line pulping equipment for an Iranian customer. The production has been completed and the shipment has been arranged.

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Kraft Paper Mill Turnkey Projects and Accessories


Turnkey projects for kraft paper mills and accessories for any pulp and paper machine, we can provide and have extensive experience. Welcome to consult us.

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The Advantages Of Heavy Impurity Cleaner


The heavy impurity cleaner is an excellent slag removal equipment for the coarse screening stage. We produce and accept customized other pulping equipment for customers.

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Pulp Production Line Energy-saving Pressure Screen


Energy-saving pressure screen is a new type of pulp screening equipment. We produce different interior accessories for customers…

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Single-effect Fiber Separator For Removing Pulp Impurities


Leizhan produces single-effect fiber separators, which are equipment used for pulping to remove impurities. We manufacture several ranges of pulp screening equipment, contact a professional for a list of equipment.

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Paper Shredding Recycling Process Production Equipment


The equipment needed in the paper mill includes: Pulper, Screening, Refiner, Cleaner, Conveyor & Agitator, Thickener and paper machine. We supply all the machines above.

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2800 Fourdrinier Multi Cylinder Corrugated Kraft Paper Machine


We have provided 2800 fourdrinier multi-cylinder corrugated kraft paper machines according to customer requirements, with a capacity of 50t/d. If you have more needs, contact us to communicate production details.

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