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Kraft Paper Making Line

How To Choose Gravity Disc Thickener


Gravity disc thickener is the slurry thickening equipment chosen by many customers due to its simple structure and convenient operation. Leizhan is an experienced manufacturer of gravity disc thickeners.

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Complete Set Recycling Waste Paper Pulping Equipment


Waste paper is a major raw material for paper mills to produce kraft paper, boxboard and corrugated paper. Waste paper pulping is a production line used by many paper mills. Leizhan provides a complete set of recycling waste paper pulping equipment.

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Waste Paper Pulp Production Line


Waste paper is a major raw material for paper mills and can be used to produce containerboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper and cardboard. We supply our customers with machinery for the paper industry.

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Paper Pulp Impurity Slag Lifting Machine


The slag lifting machine is used with the cleaner, which is the choice of many customers. The impurities continuously discharged from the pulping line are transported away, and Leizhan provides various types of slag lifting machine.

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New Type D Type Hydrapulper


The D type hydropulper can be used in pulp production lines for wood pulp, waste paper and bagasse. Leizhan can provide a complete D type hydraulic pulper continuous disintegration system according to customer requirements.

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Waste Paper Pulp Drum Screen


The drum screen is used for the coarse screen system to remove impurities, with spiral blades inside and a water spray system to ensure the slurry consistency. Leizhan offers waste paper pulping drum screens and a range of other screening equipment.

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Kraft Paper Underfeed Rewinder Machine


The large roll of kraft paper produced by the paper machine can be rewound, and can be in the next step to make packaging paper bags or other uses. Leizhan provides high-quality kraft paper rewinding machines.

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Waste Paper and Wood Pulp High Density Cleaner


According to the difference of raw materials, Leizhan has developed two series of high density cleaner. One is suitable for dealing with waste paper, and the other is used for clean raw materials such as wood pulp.

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