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Kraft Paper Making Line

Inclined Wire Machine In Paper Industry


The emergence of Inclined Wire Machine is due to the use of long and non-plant fibers in papermaking. Because the inclined wire forming has good dewatering performance, good uniformity of papermaking, good air permeability, etc.

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Energy-saving Equipment Egg Tray Machine


Egg tray machine is applied to produce egg tray to carry eggs, and egg tray product project is a complicated technology process, the key step of production is to choose egg tray making machine correctly.

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2200mm Kraft Paper Product Project


Kraft paper machine can be used for making kraft paper, corrugated paper, and packaging paper, etc. It is needed by packaging paper manufacturer, Leizhan has continuously provide this kind of paper machine for our customers around the world.

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Reject Separator For Fine Pulping


Reject Separator is specially designed rotor produce centrifugal force in the process of high-speed rotation and backwash water…

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Paper Making Machine Boiler


Boiler is an energy conversion equipment, and the energy input to the boiler is chemical energy and electric energy in the fuel.
The boiler outputs steam with a certain heat energy, high temperature water or organic heat carrier.

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30TPD Kraft Paper Production Line


30TPD kraft paper production line need the paper pulping equipment and kraft paper making machine, and the 2400mm kraft paper machine is suitable for 30tpd kraft paper making.

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Sack Kraft Paper Making


Sack kraft paper with the advantage of high stiffness and excellent runnability, is widely used and sack kraft paper making is also increased in paper industry.

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Rotor Of Hydrapulper Equipment


In the first week using of hydrapulper equipment rotors, the most frequent problem is that there was rubbish rope breakage, so what’s the reason?

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