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Tissue Paper Making Line

Pulp Pump With Stable Performance


We have assisted several paper mills around the world in setting up pulp production lines. We have also…

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Pulp Inflow Fine Pressure Screen


We produce in-flow fine screen screens, which can be used for fine screening, with options of perforated and slotted screens. We provide the best price inflow fine screen screen and good pre-sale and after-sale service.

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Tail Pulp Light Impurity Separator


The light impurity machine is a frequently used equipment in the papermaking and pulping process, which can separate the impurities in the pulp.

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Medium Consistency Hydraulic Pulper


We manufacture medium consistency hydropulpers, mainly for clean raw materials such as wood pulp. It covers an area of 10-120 cubic meters. For customers to choose and customize pulp and paper machinery and equipment for customers.

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Pulp For Production Of Toilet Tissue Paper


We manufacture pulping machinery and supply production lines to several paper mills at home and abroad. Customers’ toilet paper, kraft paper, and corrugated paper production lines can all use Leizhan’s equipment.

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Flow Pulp Pump


The pulp pump of the paper mill is an indispensable equipment, which can make the pulp continuously and stably transport to the next link. We supply paper mills with a variety of equipment, including pulp and paper machine sections.

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Complete Line Of Tissue Paper Production


We supply toilet paper pulping lines and paper machines, raw materials can be commercial wood pulp, virgin pulp and waste paper. Can produce high quality facial tissue, napkins.

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Toilet Paper Pulping Line


We are an experienced manufacturer that can provide pulping lines for large, medium and small tissue mills, as well as accessories for tissue paper machines, such as felts, doctor blade, dryers and cylinder mold.

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