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Tissue Paper Making Line

3200mm Tissue Paper Making Line


The 3200mm tissue paper machine made by Leizhan, can satisfy the customers to produce the tissue paper request. And our company will provide customers advanced technology and after-sales.

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Vertical Hydrapulper In Pulp Making Line


Vertical hydraulic pulp crusher is one of the most commonly used pulp crushing equipment in pulp and paper industry, mainly crushing pulp board, waste books, waste cartons, etc.

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The Practical Pulp-Making Equipment Of Drum Pulper


Drum pulper set pulping and coarse screening with a body, used for continuous pulping all kinds of waste paper, and coarse screening the paper pulp after pulping, reject treatment equipment.

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M.C. Pressure Screen Used For Pulp Making Line


This pressure screen made by leizhan has better adaptation, less power and water consumption and high efficiency when compared with common low consistency pressure screen.

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2850mm Tissue Paper Machine


This tissue paper making machine offered by Leizhan is used for producing toilet tissue paper of 28t/d production capacity, with high output, good quality, machine consumption is low.

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15tpd Tissue Paper Making Project


Tissue paper making machine is very popular with many paper makers all the time, this 15tpd tissue paper making machine is designed for paper industry to create tissue paper production line.

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Stainless Steel Double Disc Refiner


This 450 double disc refiner used for beating and improve the beating degree of pulp to satisfy the papermaking demand. And it has the features of high efficiency and low consumption.

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Automatic Tissue Rewinder Machine Features


The rewinder machine roll paper is finished by reeling roll and platen roller rewinding guide roll (the tightness of the roll paper is adjusted according to the customer’s requirements, and the air pressure control is convenient to adjust).

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