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Tissue Paper Making Line

Drum Pulper for Paper Manufacturer


The high-consistency pulping process of the drum pulper ensures thorough fiber breakdown, maximizing pulp production while minimizing energy consumption. This efficiency means paper mills can save costs and increase productivity.

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Reeling Machine of Paper Machinery


Leizhan is a leading provider of paper machinery, specializing in the production of reeling machines. These machines are essential for the paper making process, as they are used to wind the finished paper into large rolls for storage and distribution.

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Toilet Crepe Paper Project Machine


Designed for superior performance, Leizhan’s toilet crepe paper machine boasts unparalleled speed and accuracy. It’s capable of producing toilet crepe paper rolls of varying thickness and dimensions, meeting the diverse needs of customers with consistency and precision.

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High-speed Tissue Paper Machine


Leizhan’s high-speed tissue paper machines are engineered for precision and speed, capable of producing tissue paper with exceptional strength, softness, and absorbency. Our advanced control systems guarantee consistent tissue paper quality, while intelligent automation streamlines operations, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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Felt for Paper Industry


Felt plays a crucial role in the paper making process, as it is responsible for carrying the paper through the paper machine and ensuring proper drainage of water during the forming and pressing stages.

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2200mm Toilet Crepe Paper Machine


Are you looking for a reliable and efficient toilet crepe paper machine for your paper production business? Leizhan is your best choice. With over 40 years of experience in the paper manufacturing industry, Leizhan is a leading provider of high-quality paper machinery and equipment.

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2880mm Toilet Paper Machine


Want to improve the quality of toilet paper? Choose Leizhan, we provide high-quality, high-efficiency toilet paper machine to bring efficiency and quality to your toilet paper production. Improve your competitiveness in the paper industry.

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25TPD Tissue Paper Making Machine


Tissue paper making machines are essential equipment in the paper manufacturing industry, as they play a significant role in producing high-quality tissue paper products. Leizhan is a leading manufacturer of paper making machinery that are designed to meet the specific needs of their customers.

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