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Tissue Paper Making Line

Wood Pulp Papermaking Equipment


Leizhan produces paper machines, pulp preparation equipment, broken paper equipment, pulp pumps, water pumps, pulpers, screening equipment and slag removal equipment required for wood pulp papermaking.

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New Type Double Disc Refiner


Double disc refiner can be used for a variety of raw materials including AOCC and wood pulp beating. Leizhan provides a new type of double-disc refiner, which adopts the advance and retraction device.

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Light Impurity Separator


The light impurity separator is mainly used in the coarse screen system of the pulping line to treat the light impurity in the tailings. Leizhan produces light impurity separators with a production capacity of 35-140t/d.

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Mid Consistency Hydrapulper


Mid consistency hydrapulpers are often used in the pulping production lines of cultural paper and toilet paper. Leizhan provides different types of Mid consistency hydrapulper according to customer capacity and requirements.

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Tissue Paper Pulp Making Line


The production process of tissue paper is simpler than other paper grades. Leizhan briefly introduced the pulp production line and required equipment for tissue paper.

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Strong Thrust Pulp Chest Agitator


Leizhan provides pulp tank agitators for paper mills. The pulp contact part is made of stainless steel, with advanced blade design and strong thrust.

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Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine


The toilet paper rewinder is specially used to process the large rolls of paper produced by the paper machine. The large roll paper can be cut into small rolls after rewinding, and can be shipped from the factory after packaging.

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Inflow Pressure Screen For Pulp And Paper Machine


The inflow pressure screen is the pulp screening equipment that many paper mills will choose. Leizhan will briefly introduce the application and features of inflow pressure screen in pulp and paper machines.

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