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Tissue Paper Making Line

Stainless Steel Double Disc Refiner


This 450 double disc refiner used for beating and improve the beating degree of pulp to satisfy the papermaking demand. And it has the features of high efficiency and low consumption.

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Automatic Tissue Rewinder Machine Features


The rewinder machine roll paper is finished by reeling roll and platen roller rewinding guide roll (the tightness of the roll paper is adjusted according to the customer’s requirements, and the air pressure control is convenient to adjust).

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2100mm Living Paper Making Equipment


2100mm Living Paper Making Equipment is designed to meet the requirement of toilet paper mills that demand small capacity for manufacturing tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin paper, etc.

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How To Install Fiber Separator


Fiber Separator is mainly used for secondary breaking and screening of waste paper pulp, and has the effect of separating the light and heavy impurities from the pulp, which also used as tail pulp treatment equipment.

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Large Dryer VS General Dryer


Dryer cylinder is a hollow cylinder with a cover at both ends made of cast iron, which is composed of cylinder block and cylinder head at both ends. The outer diameter is mostly 1000 × 3000 mm. During the operation, the inner steam will dry and burn the paper.

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Characteristics And Selection Of Facial Paper Machine


The facial paper machine is an paper making equipment which is mainly process sliced paper into an interactive folding paper and after being packed, it becomes a drawer type facial paper.

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Pressure Screen Operate Principle


The pressure screen adopts upward flow structure design of bottom feed slurry, bottom discharge heavy slag, and the top discharge light slag; which is realize coarse and fine screening of waste paper pulp effectively.

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1880 Tissue Paper Rewinder Benefits


For tissue paper processing, whether it is to check the information on the Internet or consult the relevant tissue paper equipment
manufacturers, it is recommended to choose the 1880 rewinder machine.

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