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Coating Paper Making Process


Coating paper making process is the process of coating a layer paint on raw paper, after coating paper machine drying to use calendering machine for its surface smooth, so the base paper and paint are the important factors for coating paper quality.

Base Paper For Coating Paper Making

The quality of the base paper has a very important effect on the coating paper, poor control will affect coating paper quality. Base paper can’t be too rough, nor too smooth, better to have a high tensile strength and surface strength. In addition, the absorbance of base paper is moderate and uniform, and the uniformity refers to the uniformity of the base paper quantitative, thickness, moisture, fiber structure, smoothness and so on.

Paint For Coating Paper Making

Paint for coating paper making must have good coating suitability and printability. Coating adaptability means that can be well coating and form a uniform and smooth coating layer. In order to meet this requirement, the various components of the paint must be uniform sufficiently, and the coating concentration, viscosity and fluidity should be compatible with the coating paper machine; The printability refers to the acceptance of the coating layer on the ink, good printability, can show a good print effect.