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Dryer Cylinder Of Paper Machine


In paper making process, paper sticking dryer cylinder is a very common problem, it will affect paper quality, even can’t for paper making without good treatment. So what’s the reason of paper sticking dryer cylinder?

Paper Sticking Dryer Cylinder Reason

1. Low paper gram weight: Low weight paper is thinner, the strength and stiffness is poor, in the dryer cylinder surface has a good affinity. When making, it’s easy to cause paper break. For example, many thin paper making need to add the stripping agent.

2. Paper machine speed is faster: With the improvement of paper machine quality, paper machine speed is also improving, some paper machine has reached km/min. In the paper making process of high-speed paper machine, the effect of paper off dryer cylinder is required well, otherwise, the paper sheet has not yet taken off the dryer cylinder, is hardly pull off the cylinder surface, will cause paper napping, web breaking. For example, paper machine speed is high in living paper making mill, should choose good effect stripping agent.

3. Pulp quality: Many enterprises want to reduce costs, choose straw pulp, reed pulp to replace the good quality wood pulp, these pulp are generally more impurities, more miscellaneous, has a strong adhesion with dryer cylinder surface.

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