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Efficient Low Density Cleaner

The Low Density Cleaner is mainly used to remove impurities such as gravel, foam, and plastic in the slurry. Since its production, Leizhan’s Low Density Cleaner has been widely used in many paper mills at home and abroad by virtue of its advantages of high efficiency, good quality and energy saving, and it is worth your choice.

Features of Low Density Cleaner

1. The Low Density Cleaner adopts stainless steel body, ceramic lower cone and slag discharge nozzle, which has a long service life;
2. The Low Density Cleaner adopts combined design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance;
3. The Low Density Cleaner can be used for open slag discharge and closed slag discharge, which can meet different working environments.

The paper machines and pulping equipment produced by Leizhan have the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality and favorable price, which are worthy of your choice. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to consult us.