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Forming Section Of Paper Machine


As we all know, forming section is the important part of paper machine for paper sheet forming, but how mach do you know about paper machine forming section basic effect?

Paper Machine Forming Section Effects

1. Get well-organized wet paper sheet: The wet paper sheet forming is a complex process, usually can simply as the gradual deposition of fibers in forming wire surface, intertwined into a thin layer.

By controlling the difference of the wire speed and feed pulp speed, the forming table vibration and the selection of appropriate dewatering element, to make that the fiber suspension is relatively calm and has some turbulence in the process of paper sheet forming, so that the fiber dispersed evenly, no floc; At the same time to avoid the inappropriate dehydration, the compound, filler and small fiber in paper loss too much, resulting in the nature difference between the paper two sides.

2. The formed paper sheet is dehydrated to a certain dryness degree: After the wet paper sheet is initially formed, it is generally necessary to achieve a certain dryness degree or wet strength by forced dewatering (vacuum suction, press, etc.) to peel off from the forming section.