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Grey Board Paper Manufacturing Plant


Grey board plays an important role for packaging use in modern world. Grey board is usually produced from fresh fibers or from a mixture of secondary fibers, pulp or mechanical wood pulp. But there are also grades that are produced from up to 100% recovered paper.

Leizhan offers customized and process efficiency solutions for grey board production. Use 100% recovered paper, Leizhan whole grey board paper manufacturing solution contains pulp production line and paper making line.

Pulp manufacturing line

Main Pulp equipment for pulp manufacturing line contains: D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Mid consistency pressure screen, Reject separator, Mid density cleaner, Fine screen, Double disc refiner, Pre-machine pressure screen.

Grey board paper manufacturing machine

Leizhan grey board paper manufacturing machine has a production capacity range of 200-1400 with the working speed range of 200-600m/min. Leizhan machine is available in a GSM range of 200-350 GSM and it has a trimmed width range of 2400-6600mm.