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Paper Machine Doctor Blade Supplier


Paper machine doctor blade consist of pneumatic doctor blade and electric doctor blade, and the pneumatic doctor blade can be divide into three types: Double pneumatic single doctor blade, Double pneumatic double doctor blade, YangKe wrinkle doctor blade with pneumatic.

Pneumatic Doctor Blade Types

1. Double pneumatic single doctor blade: Through the airbag, the blade can contact with the roller very balanced, prevent scratching the roller; Through the pressure reducing valve, adjust the pressure of the air supply, so that the line pressure to be effectively controlled; The blade thickness can be free chosen from 1mm maximum to 6mm, easy to replace the blade.

2. Double pneumatic double doctor blade: Double doctor blade installed in the center of the press section and wire section couch roller. Due to the role of centrifugal force, water and small fibers in the couch roller and vacuum roller hole fly out and attached to the roller, the first doctor blade can damage its surface tension, remove part of the water and small fibers, small negative pressure formed after the doctor blade, which will remove the water and fine fibers completely and cleaned by the second doctor blade; The double pneumatic double doctor blade can prevent the wire section wetting-back to improve the paper sheet dryness. Also use the double pneumatic double doctor blade in the press section roller can thoroughly clean the roller surface water and fine fibers, prevent the paper break and paper defects.

3. YangKe wrinkle doctor blade with pneumatic: The roller contact with the doctor blade with good softness, needn’t adjust the details. And doctor blade steel material is good, wrinkled stable. Can provide the line pressure required for wrinkling stably.