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Paper Machine Lubrication


In paper machine industry, all the parts of paper machine are continually running, so paper machine lubrication is especially improtant for paper machine long service life, but how to best lubricate the paper machine?

How To Best Lubricate Paper Machine?

1. Working speed: Higher viscosity lubricating oil is suitable for low speed paper machine, and high speed paper machine adopt less viscosity lubrication oil.

2. Load size: The greater load of paper machine, the viscosity of lubricating oil should be higher, the oiliness should be better.

3. Working situation: For the paper machine of frequently starting, reversing, stopping, should choose the higher viscosity lubricating oil.

4. Working temperature: When the working temperature is low, it is necessary to choose the lubricant with low viscosity and high needle penetration, and the contrary when the temperature is high.

5. Surrounding environment: Consider whether the water is serious, dust crumbs amount, whether there are toxic gas and other factors.

6. Gap: The smaller gap of paper machine, the viscosity of lubricating oil should be lower.

7. Hardness: The paper machine with high hardness friction surface, should use the low viscosity lubricants, and oil should be full.

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