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Paper Machine Vacuum Couch Roll


Couch roll is the last dehydration components of fourdrinier paper machine, but also is an important dehydration components of twin-wire former paper machine. Paper machine vacuum couch roll is mainly by vacuum pumping, is high-pressure difference dehydration.

Vacuum Couch Roll Tips

At low speeds, water and air go into the couch roll and the vacuum chamber. In this case, a water vapor separation system must be used to separate the entrained air and water so that the white water does not enter the vacuum generator system.

At high speed, air and water are drawn into the hole of couch shell, and once the perforation leaves the vacuum area, it is thrown out by centrifugal force. In this case, white water tray and baffle board of couch roll must be installed so that the thrown water will not return to the roller entrance.

The vacuum degree of vacuum couch roll is related to paper machine structure, speed, pulp properties, paper quality requirement, and the structure of vacuum couch roll. The higher of paper machine speed or the poor drainage performance of paper material, the vacuum degree of couch roller will be higher, the vacuum degree of couch roller should not be lower than the vacuum of vacuum box.