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Paper Making Felt Problems


Paper machine Felt is necessary in paper making process, but the paper making felt also will occur problems in paper making process, so what’s the paper machine felt problems and how to solve it?

Paper Machine Felt Problems And Solution

1. Felt widen after using: Felt will widen after using a period time, this is a normal phenomenon. Do not use hand to tear, should shut down, cut off the remaining edge after felt drying, then iron the edge with soldering iron.

2. Felt shrinkage: It caused by the structural instability of the base cloth in the felt production. Should relax the felt roll, make the felt running in the relaxed state.

3. The felt is not sizing: Caused by the felt surface is too smooth or paper moisture is excessive.

4. New felt paste pulp: The new felt paste pulp is generally caused by the felt rough surface, and the felt rugged, after brushing may be better. Pulp paste of felt after using a period time caused by the too long fiber.