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Paper Making Press Section


Paper Making Press Section is by mechanical pressure as much as possible to remove moisture in the wet paper to improve the paper bonding strength.

Press Section Work Principle

1. With the help of the vacuum suction roller, the paper sheet is transferred from the wire section to the press section. The suction roller draws the paper sheet from the wire by vacuum and attaches to the felt surface. After the paper is sucked, the lower felt acts as a support for the sheet, paper sheet passes the first press between the two felts.

2. When enter the first press, the paper sheet is conveyed forward to the felt vacuum roll, which the vacuum make the paper sheet attach to the felt.

3. Under the action of vacuum, the two-pressure vacuum transfer roller draws the paper sheet from the press lower felt and sends it to the second-press upper felt, the paper sheet is adsorbed on the lower felt due to the action of the lower felt stable box.

4. After the paper pressing, it will fall into the press damaged paper pool without external force.