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Paper Rewinding Machine


Rewinding machine is mainly for rewinding the paper into required width. And the quality indicator of rewinding machine control process is mainly reflected in four aspects.

Finished paper hardness: Meet the requirements of tightness inside and outside loose. Paper roll tight inside in order to prevent the roll deformation with the volume increase in rewinding process, the outside loose is that when the finished paper roll can maintain a certain degree of flexibility to prevent damage in transport process.

Cross section of the finished paper: The cross-section should be smooth, easy to re-processed after finished paper roll appearance.

The degree wear of coating whiteboard paper surface: Coating whiteboard paper is a paperboard with coating, paper surface has a shiny coating, the coating surface will contact with the bottom roller during rewinding process, therefore can not excessively wear the paper surface.

Rewinding machine speed: In order to keep pace with the paper machine production speed, the rewinder machine running speed at least 3-5 times faster than the paper machine speed.