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3600mm High-strength Corrugated Paper Machine

The net paper width of the 3600mm Corrugated Paper Machine is 3600mm, which is mainly used to produce high-strength corrugated paper. Leizhan’s 3600mm Corrugated Paper Machine can help paper mills save production costs, improve production efficiency, and produce high-quality corrugated paper. In addition, Leizhan can provide the equipment needed for the entire corrugated paper production line.

3600mm High-strength Corrugated Paper Machine Specifications

1.Main product: high-strength corrugated paper
2.Width of paper:3600mm
3.Papermaking quantitative: 90-220g/m²
4.Working speed:250m/min
5.Designed speed:280m/min
6.Gauge: 4700mm
7.Driving mode: AC frequency conversion subsection drive

In addition to the 3600mm High-strength Corrugated Paper Machine, Leizhan also produces other paper machines and pulping equipment. If you are interested in our products, welcome to consult us.