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4600mm Fluting Paper Making Machine


The corrugated paper width 4600mm, mainly used for copying low base weight high-strength corrugated base paper. Paper machine is divided into the following parts: headbox, long wire, press section, front dryer section, skewed surface sizing machine, back dryer section, coiling.

Fluting Paper Machine Specification

Paper Grade: High-strength Corrugated Paper, Fluting Paper
Trimmed Width: 4600mm
Basis Weight: 100-120g/m²
Operating Speed: 600m/min
Production Capacity: 350t/d

Fluting Paper Machine Structure

1. Wire section: Dewater initially and form even wet paper.
2. Press part: The dryness after press section is about 25-42%.
3. Drying part: The dryness after drying section is 92-95%. This section consists of several groups dryer cylinders.
4. Winding part: Cylinder type winding machine 1 set, Rewinding machine 1 set.

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