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Classification And Usage Of Waste Paper

Waste paper, including all kinds of high-grade paper, waste paper box, trimming paper, packaging paper, business unit paper, engineering paper, books and newspapers, etc. The mainly classification of waste paper are as follows.

Waste Paper For Recycling

1. No printed paper: mainly from the cutting edge of printing or paper processing plants, this kind of waste paper hasn’t been printed, and can be used to produce a variety of medium and high grade paper or toilet paper after beating and pulping.

2. High waste paper: such as: unbound waste paper after printing, used books, etc. After this paper is disintegrated, deinked and bleached by the pulper, it can be reconstituted in more than 80% of bleached pulp for the product of writing, printing paper and cardboard test liner.

3. Medium waste paper: This type of waste paper contains a large amount of mechanical wood pulp, such as: waste newspapers, waste oil painting books, etc., after disintegration can be used to produce full backboard and multi-layer cardboard lining, after screening, After deinking, it can be used to produce medium and low-grade newsprint and printing paper.

4. Waste packaging paper and paperboard: such as: waste corrugated boxes, waste cement bags, waste paper boxes, etc., can be re-formed into carton board, wrapping paper or other cardboard after disintegration.

5. Waste paper: such as: waste paper pulp, various mixed waste paper in life or industry, generally with high degree of pollution, more varieties, and poor quality, usually used to produce cardboard inner layer, asphalt paper or egg tray paper.

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