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Complete Corrugated Medium Paper Making Machine


Paper making industries requires efficient technology solutions which place unique demands on suppliers. Whether the application is for white kraft liner, fluting paper, culture paper, tissue paper, or coating board paper plant, Leizhan gives you the best quality equipment and solutions to improve production, efficiency, end product quality, and plant safety.

Complete corrugated medium paper pulp machine

Leizhan technology portfolio for pulp production comprises equipment for every process in the modern pulp mill: wood processing, fiberline, bleaching, deinking, chemical recovery, and pulp drying/baling.

Every component is designed to work independently in a rebuild or modernization application, or perfectly integrates with other Leizhan systems in a complete line for new installations.

Corrugated medium Paper Pulp Machine

Apart from the pulp production line machine, Leizhan also supply the high quality paper machine for paper plants to produce high strength corrugated medium paper.