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Conclusion About Beating In Paper Production


Beating is a crucial program in paper production line, and there are some truths during paper making. Which will help you produce high quality paper by understanding these law.

Some Truths During Beating

1. Wrinkles are related to drying, reflecting the uneven distribution of the web structure.

2. When too much moisture is brought under the facing roller, it will cause the finish roller to collapse.

3. Increasing the amount of staple fiber or reducing the degree of beating helps to solve the problem of curling.

4. Porosity (breathability) changes rapidly with beating.

5. The main reason for raising hair is insufficient sizing or false sizing, and the low degree of beating will aggravate the problem.

6. The surface condition of the single-sided optical paper is not good due to poor forming or poor adhesion of the paper on the cylinder surface.

7. The main reason for poor forming is that the net is not well dehydrated. If the amount of long fiber is too large, it will be further deteriorated.

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