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Drum Pulper for Pulping Line

Drum Pulper is a new and advanced pulping equipment with the characteristics of simple structure, practicality and high efficiency. This equipment is equipped with a screening area, which can screen the slurry directly after the pulping is completed. In addition, if this equipment is used in the deinking system, a good deinking effect can be achieved.

Features of Drum Pulper

1.The waste paper is pulped under 15-20% high consistency conditions, which effectively reduces the amount of water required for pulping and reduces the energy consumption of pulping.
2.The Drum Pulper performs gentle pulping on the raw materials without damaging the strength and length of the fiber, ensuring that light impurities and some heavy impurities are not pulped to the greatest extent, thereby ensuring the cleanliness and quality of the pulp.
3.The Drum Pulper integrates high consistency pulping and coarse screening. It has a simple structure, long durability, and extremely low maintenance. It also reduces the labor for waste paper selection and saves production costs.

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