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Drum Pulping Solution

Drum Pulping Solution

Drum pulper is specially designed by Leizhan professional engineers based on similar foreign products. Leizhan drum pulper can be divided into three sections: feeding section, pulping section and screening section. The machine can gentle pulp waste paper continuously under high consistency, while at the same time,  it can coarse screen the impurities under the working consistency of 14%~18%.

Benefits of ZG Series Drum pulper

1. High production capacity.

2. Low energy consumption, reduce operating cost.

3. Maximize maintain impurity’s shape and strength.

4. Few quick-wear parts, low maintenance cost.

Compared with traditional hydrapulper,  the new type ZG series  drum hydrapulper power consumption  can save about 50%, chemicals can be reduced by 10%, steam savings of more than 60%.