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Fourdrinier Paper Machine


Fourdrinier paper machine is widely used in paper mill, as a leading paper machine supplier, Leizhan fourdrinier paper machine with high quality but lost cost.

Fourdrinier Paper Machine Work Principle

The fourdrinier paper machine press section is further dewatered by the pressurized wet paper sheet, which press by a set of hard and soft rollers, such as stone roller and rubber roller. The press section compose of the same form or different forms press group, which in practice also include vacuum suction device. When pressed, holds the paper sheet with an appropriate size felt, which can uniform the press pressure and take out of the squeeze water, and can increase the press pressure, improve the ability of press dehydration.

And the dryer section is driven by the gear or felt, a number of dryer cylinder consist of a group, a group of dryer cylinder constitute the dryer section. The line speed of each group dryer can be adjusted to maintain the speed difference between the various groups dryer to compensate the paper sheet shrinkage in drying process. The paper sheet dryness is generally about 92-94%. At the end of the dryer section, it is usually equipped with sweat cylinder so that the water vapor can condense on the sweat cylinder.

3200mm Fourdrinier Paper Machine Parameters

Paper Type: Fluting Paper

Trimmed Width: 3200mm

Frame Distance: 4300mm

Base Weight: 80-250g/m2

Capacity: 120t/d

Working Speed: 250m/min

Design Speed: 300m/min

Driving Type: Division Of AC Variable Frequency Drive