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Inspection To Packaging Carton

The carton has low cost, easy to package, and is very suitable for adding fillers and product packaging, item transportation, material finishing, etc. So how is the packaging carton tested?

Carton Test Items

a. Generally, packaging carton is been required strictly with its quality owning to used for transportation and protecting production. The inspection program of carton mainly include: compression resistance, side pressure, bond strength, puncture, simulated transportation, drop, etc.

b. The test instrument that shows compression test corresponding to the instrument is usually has an auxiliary structure to consist of the space for the upper and lower sides to adjust average speed. Put carton between both sides when testing, and the pressure surface of instrument is pressed at a constant speed to test the maximum force when the carton is crushed.

c. The side pressure strength test machine tests the vertical compressive strength of carton board after sampling, generally expressed as pressure or length.

d. Drop test machine: It is simulate the deformation situation when the carton is dropped from a height during transportation or handling. Test methods include: face drop, edge drop, corner drop.

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