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Neutral Sizing In Paper Making Process


Neutral sizing is a new sizing type for accommodating neutral papermaking, it’s mainly suitable for the paper that requires good durability. Neutral sizing and neutral papermaking advantages is following.

Neutral Sizing Type

1. One is to use the enhanced and efficient rosin as sizing agent, little or without alum, and cationic resin as an additive.

2. Another is that neutral sizing of using synthetic sizing agent without alum.

Neutral Papermaking Advantages

1. Excellent physical strength properties: In alkaline system, the increase of fiber swelling degree provides more hydroxylity resulting in better strength. The improvement of strength characteristics can be used in two ways: One is that can be used to produce better quality paper products to suit high speed printing. The other is to maintain the same strength by reducing the beating degree up to 30% or by replacing the fiber up to 4% with the filler.

2. Use high whiteness of calcium carbonate: Calcium carbonate has a high whiteness, which can save the brightener amount in paper making process, and the use of waste paper containing calcium carbonate or broken paper, especially coating paper become possible.

3. Excellent paper characteristics: Alkaline papermaking can get better quality, with high whiteness, good printing adaptability, resistance to alkaline liquid, potential improvement of paper strength and stiffness, improvement of the bonding strength between layers and increase of preservation period.