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Paper Machine Dryer Section Work Principle


After pressing of paper sheet, the residual moisture must be removed by evaporation in paper machine dryer section. The transfer of heat from steam to the paper sheet required a considerable heat transfer area, so the dryer section is usually the largest part of paper machine, and dryer cylinder is the main parts in paper machine dryer section.

Paper Machine Dryer Section Purpose

1. Effectively evaporate water with minimum drying equipment.

2. Working under ensuring paper quality.

3. Dryer section and ancillary equipment design, must be able to minimize energy consumption.

4. The design of dryer section must make paper machine have a high overall efficiency.

Dryer Section Basic Principle

The drying process can be divided into two major parts:

1. Steam heat to dryer cylinder while heat transfer to the paper sheet;

2. The moisture evaporated from the paper sheet into the atmosphere before entering the next dryer cylinder.

The drying process of wet paper sheet on multi-cylinder paper machine is intermittent, it consists of a series of repeated cyclical drying processes. A brief period of warming and evaporation occurred during each cycle, but time is very short.