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Paper Machine Wire Section Roller


There are many types rollers in paper machine wire section, such as stretcher, guide roll, breast roll, etc. Some details of the roller in paper machine forming section are following.

Stretcher& Guide Roll

Stretcher: Stretcher must give tension to tighten after replacing the new wire, so that forming a flat surface in the wire section, don’t slip when running. In operation, due to the wear and the plastic deformation under the tension effect, there will be loose, need to tighten the wire in time.

In the maintenance or cleaning, in order to protect the wire, the wire must be relaxed. When running, it should be gradually tensioned. These will be done by stretcher.

Guide Roll: In paper machine wire section, deviation phenomenon often appear. There are many reasons of deviation, such as the position changes of the roller, not parallel, the vacuum box is not correct or the vacuum degree is not uniform, the feed pulp concentration is inconsistent, the wire extension is inconsistent, top couch roller pressure is inconsistency.

Wire deviation must be timely adjusted, so as not to be serious, damage the wire. The wire deviation generally is adjusted by the guide roll. The principle is that which side of the wire is contacting with guide roll, the wire need to move to this side.