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Pulp Beating Process


Pulp beating is a very important process before paper making, it is directly related to the paper quality. While the pulp beating process have three important factors: pulp concentration, pulp beating degree and pulp ratio.

Pulp Beating Factors

Pulp Concentration: Pulp concentration instability will affect the fluctuations of paper base weight, seriously will cause the paper machine web break, can not be normally papermaking, The pulp concentration will be affectd by the virgin pulp concentration changes, concentration adjustment of pulp beating process, broken paper pulp concentration changes, white water system instability and so on.

Pulp Beating Degree: There are many factors that affect the pulp beating degree, the main is specific pressure, concentration, throughput, time, temperature, blade status and the workers operation level and so on.

Pulp Ratio: The pulp ratio depends on the raw material characteristics, the pulping method, the paper machine properties, the paper quality requirements. When the ratio condition is determined, must strictly enforce the process conditions, otherwise it will cause production disorders, but also cause paper production costs rise.