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Pulp Hydrapulper Equipment


Pulp hydrapulper equipment is important and necessary for paper pulping, but some factors will affect the hydrapulper equipment efficiency.

Pulp Hydrapulper Influence Factors

Temperature: After the temperature is raised, waste paper is softened, the pulp is easy to absorb moisture and break, especially those that are hard-sized or printing paper containing ink. In addition, the viscosity of the pulp decreases with the increase of temperature, and has good fluidity, thereby promoting pulp circulation and improving breaking effect.

Concentration: It is advantageous to increase pulping concentration in a good pulp circulation. It is known from the experiment that the concentration is linearly related to the power consumption, but the energy consumption per unit yield decreases with the increase of concentration, but has little effect on pulping effect and pulping time.

Pulping time: Under a certain operating conditions, there must be an effective pulping range. Exceed the interval, the improvement of beating rate is very small; If try to extend the time to improve pulping effect is not economical. Therefore, it is necessary to control pulping time so that it operates within an effective time range.

Raw material: Due to the difference of various pulp water swelling ability and fiber binding ability, the pulping effect is different. Different raw material, the pulping rate is different in the same time.