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Vertical Hydrapulper For Paper Pulping


Vertical hydrapulper is the indispensable equipment in waste paper deinking system. Its function is to disintegrate the waste paper into pulp, as well as make the pulp fiber produce intense friction force during the rotation of rotor, make printing ink off from the fiber surface through the role of chemicals , so as to achieve the purpose of recycled pulp.

Vertical Hydrapulper Work Principle

When vertical hydrapulper motor is started, the impeller begins to roll, the pulp in the tank sucks in along the axis and is thrown out from the circumference at high speed, resulting in a violent turbulent circulation. Because the pull of impeller wing and the flow of different velocity pulp flow layer, the pulp quickly defibrillate and separate fibers in the wet state, but also due to fiber bundles in the relative movement in the gap of impeller and screen plate, add the effect of fibrosis.