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1575mm Double Wire Single Cylinder Culture Paper Machine


1575mm Double Wire Single Cylinder Paper Machine is for 5tpd culture paper making, there are some technology deta details about the culture paper making machine.

1575mm Culture Paper Machine Specification

Final Paper Kind: Culture Paper

Net Width: 1575mm

Production Capacity: 5tpd

Base Weight: 60-80GSM

Structure Speed: 100m/min

Working Speed: 40~60m/min

Gauge: 2400mm

Drive Form: Section variable frequency drive

1575mm Culture Paper Machine Section

Cylinder Section: Cylinder section consists of return back roll, couch roll, cylinder wire, rack in square box, couch roll adopts pneumatic lift and fall.

Press Section: Adopt main press 1 set, frame adopts steel profile box welding and casting box body, pneumatic &pressurizing , felt water squeezing device, adopts pneumatic correction, electric tension.

Drying Section: Drying section consists of 1 piece 2500 mm Φ cylinder. Equipped with pneumatic corrector, electric tensioner, racks in full box structure.

Drive Section: It is variable frequency section drive, in total 3 points, that is Press 1 point, Cylinder 1 point, Winding Machine 1 point, the total drive power is 39kw, working speed is 40-60m/min.