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Drum Screen Equipment Maintenance


Drum screen equipment is used in paper pulping process for pulp screening, in the using process of drum screen, some notes need to attention.

The preparatory work before operation:

1. Check all the fastening bolts are tightened.

2. Check the lubrication points should be well-lubricated, no oil leakage.

3. Turn the screen cylinder by hand, should be lightweight and flexible, no jamming phenomenon.

4. Gear guard has been installed.


Confirm the installation of water, electricity, slurry system has been completed, with the process requirements, start drum screen equipment, screen cylinder normally operate, open inlet pulp valve, adjust the amount of inlet pulp, then open the sprinkler valve to work properly.


First close the inlet pulp pipe valve, let the equipment continue to run for 10 minutes, so that the slag discharged cleanly, stop running, close the sprinkler, then clean surrounding environment of drum screen equipment.