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H.C. Bleaching Tower For Pulp Bleaching


Pulp bleaching is to remove the remaining lignin and pigment in the pulp, improve the pulp fineness, and make the paper have a good whiteness. The H.C. Bleaching Tower is for high concentration bleaching of deinking pulp, groundwood pulp, etc.

Pulp Bleaching Process

The pulp bleaching process is the process by mixing the bleaching agent with the pulp to produce chemical reaction, and the chemical reaction, residues is washed out from the pulp.

H.C. Bleaching Tower

Nominal Volume: 50-150m3

Pulp Consistency: 28-32%

Bleaching Temperature: 60-70℃

Bleaching Time: 60-90min

Production Capacity: 50-260t/d

Motor Power: 30-37×2