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High Efficiency Flotation Deinking Machine

The Flotation Deinking Machine is mainly used in the production line of cultural paper and tissue paper. The function of this machine is to deink the flotation of various waste paper with ink particles. Benefiting from the advantages of high efficiency, small footprint, simple operation and control, and low energy consumption, Leizhan’s Flotation Deinking Machine has been applied to the production lines of many paper mills.

Features of Flotation Deinking Machine

1. The concentration of the ink discharged from the Flotation Deinking Machine can be adjusted, which can greatly reduce the loss of fibers in the scum.
2. The slurry after flotation by the Flotation Deinking Machine has high whiteness and good brightness.
3. The slurry in the Flotation Deinking Machine is internally circulated, and the air utilization rate in the slurry is high. Therefore, the operating performance of a deinking machine with a 5-stage flotation unit can reach the level of full flotation.

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