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Inflow Pressure Screen Equipment


Inflow Pressure Screen Equipment is used as pulp screening equipment before paper machine, it’s the last pulp processing equipment in paper pulping process, but where is the tailing pulp of inflow pressure screen equipment?

Inflow Pressure Screen Tailing Pulp

The inflow pressure screen tailing pulp can be directly processed in the approach system section, by the 2nd screen, vibrating screen and so on to recycle fibers and remove impurities; The inflow pressure screen tailing pulp also can be sent to the pulping workshop discharge pulp chest, coarse screen fine pulp pool,etc. (Before into the pulp pool, need inclined screen to adjust the concentration) and then deal with it again, recycle fibers and remove impurities.

Pulp Concentration Before Paper Machine

Pulp concentration control before paper machine is achieved by adjusting the control valve of fan pump outlet pipe line and adjusting the white water circulation volume.