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Paper Machine Dryer Cylinder


Paper Machine Dryer Cylinder is very vital in paper making dryer section, there are some tips about paper machine dryer cylinder in paper making process.

Dryer Cylinder Work Principle

The paper machine dryer cylinder is heated by superheated steam and the heat is conducted through the cylinder, with the cooling of the steam, there appears condensate water, due to the centrifugal force, water ring form, discharge through the siphon.

Dryer Cylinder Ponding Judgment

1. Dryer cylinder current (load large) check the curve;

2. See the drainage endoscopy with or without water (no water refers to siphon drop or pressure difference is small)

3. See the steam inlet pipe and drain pipe temperature difference (whether blocked)

4. Small pressure difference (increase the pressure difference)

5. Speed fluctuations, paper sheet shaking (has been ponding)

6. Dryer section rack with heavy vibration(indicate that the water has been ponding)