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Paper Machine Dryer Section Drying Measures


Paper machine dryer section is for drying paper sheet to improve paper dryness and adjust paper properties, there are some drying measures of paper machine dryer section for high quality paper making.

Dryer Cyinder Of Dryer Section Drying Measures

1. In a group of dryer cylinders with a dryness of 58% or more, the dryer felt should be as loose as possible and the traction tension be reduced to some extent to allow the paper to shrink to a certain degree in the longitudinal and transverse directions of the dryer cylinder.

When the dryness of the paper is below 58% and over 58%, the shrinkage is not significant at this time, the dryer felt should be tightened to some extent. On the one hand, it increases the heat transfer efficiency of the dryer cylinder to the paper, and on the other hand, due to dryer felt is too loose caused by paper warpage and wrinkling;

2. As long as the dryer cylinder has sufficient drying capacity, the dryer felt can not be wrapped in the dryer cylinder of wet paper most shrinking rate, so that the paper can shrink freely;

3. When drying ability is not enough, can installate high-speed hot air hood in the dryer cylinder, which are not cover the dryer felt, neither affect paper contraction, but also increase drying capacity;

4. The largest paper shrinkage rate dryer cylinder, group numberes be more, less number dryer cylinder of each group to adjust the speed between groups of dryer cylinder to meet paper longitudinal with more shrinkage.