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Paper Machine Headbox


Headbox is the key of paper machine, its structure and performance has a decisive role on paper forming and paper quality, here is the paper machine headbox effect.

Paper Machine Headbox Structure And Effect

The headbox is the equipment of coveying the appropriate concentration pulp to wire section uniformly by the pulp distributor, rectifier device, weir pool and weir plate.

1. The pulp distributor distributes the pulp into the same as the width of paper machine wire section and the pulp flow is consistent across the entire width. Commonly pulp distributor is cross-flow, multi-tube and hole-plate.

2. Rectifier device to make the pulp flow rate further stably. Commonly devices are baffle, throttle diffuser, orifice and homogenate roller, step diffuser and so on.

3. Weir pool is the box part of the headbox, it can divide into open type and closed type, the closed type also divide into pneumatic and nozzle type.

4. Weir plate can make the pulp sprayed on the wire at a certain angle to form uniform paper, commonly weir plate are vertical type, spray type and combining type.