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Paper Machine Problems In Paper Making Process


In paper making process, it’s easy to cause some problems of paper machine. There are the problems caused by excess water from paper machine into paper machine headbox.

1. In paper making process, when the water amount is larger than the amount of the critical rate in headbox (avoiding flocculation), or exceeding the amount of effective filtration, then it is excessive;

2. If the weir plate adjustment is improper, will weaken the formation, because excessive water flow caused too high pressure head, resulting in paper machine pulp-wire speed ratio imbalance;

3. If the paper machine pulp distributing system design is unreasonable, may form a very serious groove in the headbox; If the water amount is larger than the required, the formation of groove flow will aggravate to produce stripes;

4. If the paper machine wire section has too much water to take off, will produce the rough paper sheet or the paper with streaks or wire spots;

5. The paper machine spouting will cause base weight irregular fluctuations, also can not adjust the weir plate to improve, under such conditions, excessive water will aggravate the base weight fluctuations;