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Paper Machine Vacuum Suction Box

paper-machine-vacuum-suction Box

Vacuum Suction Box is also one of the ancillary equipment in paper making machine, so what’s the role of vacuum suction box in paper making production line?

Vacuum Suction Box Function

The main function of paper machine vacuum suction box is that the pulp is removed most of water after the drainage elements, such as: table roller, chopping board, etc, the fibers are gradually deposited into wet paper sheet. With the continuous increase of the wet paper sheet concentration, the resistance of dehydration becomes bigger, thereby affecting the quality of production, must use the vacuum suction box design, the high pressure difference method of suction box to dehydrate, which can have good production quality, the wet paper sheet dryness in vacuum suction box can reach about 2%-3%. After the vacuum suction box, the dryness rate is greatly improved, which can reach about 8%-12%, so that the dry rate can be greatly improved, producing high quality paper.