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Reason For Paper Curling In Production Process

Paper curling (not equal to warpage) is a common but difficult to solve paper disease that can prevent the paper machine from functioning properly during printing, affecting print quality and reading and storage of printed products. So what makes this phenomenon happen?

Reason For Paper Curling

1. Different positive and negative sides of the fiber sheet of anisotropy, i.e., the induced crimp two sides of the sheet;

2. The difference in the direction of fiber interlacing between the inner layer and the surface of the paper causes curling;

3. The shape of the curl is related to the interlaced arrangement of the fibers when the paper stock forms a sheet on the Internet;

4. In the dryer section, the intensity of the heat of the inner and outer layers of the fiber has a greater effect on the curl;

5. Curling is related to the nature of the dry web used in the dryer section;

6. The curl is also related to the degree of tension in the dry section of the dryer section;

7. The drying curve is unreasonable and causes the paper sheet to curl;

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