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High Density Cleaner Deilverid To Guangxi

To upgrade the tissue paper making line, Qiaohong paper industry wanted to buy new pulping equipment. They chose Leizhan Company’s pulp making product High Density Cleaner and Refiner. In addention to High Density Cleaner and Refiner, Leizhan can also supply other equipment in pulping and paper making plant. We can also help you arrange the transport and provide pre-sales, after-sales service if you purchase our products.

High Density Cleaner Deilverid To Guangxi Information

Delivery site: Laibin, Guangxi
Customer company: Qiaohong paper industry
Delivery date: Oct 16, 2020
Ordered equipment:Refiner, High Density Cleaner
Delivered equipment: High Density Cleaner and supporting accessories.

Leizhan can help you making paper use technology, and we can also provide equipment to recycle the waste paper. After processing, the waste paper, waste carton can become useful tissue paper, corrugated paper, craft paper,etc. If you are interested in it, please contact us.
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