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Refiner Delivery Site To Shandong

Shandong Henglian paper industry is a large group company with diversified development. Its paper making paper products have a wide range of products and large production capacity, ranking among the best in the domestic paper making industry. The newly added special paper production equipment, after many comparisons and on-site inspections at the factory, finally signed a contract for Leizhan. Leizhan can provide a complete set of pulping equipment for your paper mill, and we also have tissue paper machine, packaging paper machine, corrugated paper machine, cultural paper machine, craft paper machine, etc.

Refiner Delivery Site To Shandong Detail

Delivery site: shandong
Delivery date: Dec 13, 2020
Ordered equipment:a batch of refiner
Delivered equipment: refiner and supporting accessories.

Leizhan has many customers in our contry, and also lots of customers abroad, Leizhan now is a leader manufacturer of paper making equipment. Any needs, feel free to contact us for more information.
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