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Advantages of Drum pulper to Normal Pulper

Advantages of Drum pulper to Normal Pulper

What is the benefits of Drum pulper instead of using a normal pulper?

ZG series drum pulper is one kind of new & model equipment, simple structure and effective character. China new type Drum pulper can take advantage of itself weight of waste paper to produce gravity, then under the hard plate dropping function and drum pulper slowly running fuction, produce shear force and friction force to pulp. Drum pulper itself has screening parts, after pulping can directly go into screen parts. In the process of decomposition of fiber without strong cutting off, so can very well keep waste paper’s fiber quality, the raw material’s reject can be removed without damage, such as adhesive tape, plastic, rope… high discharge efficiency, which can greatly reduce the follow-up equipment load, very suit for no-selecting waste paper processing. Small run current, nearly no easily damaged parts, every year just change 2~4 pieces sealing rope.

But if choose D type hydrapulper, there are many easily damaged parts, such as rotor blade, screen plate, belt and bearing, which also will damage the reject and waste paper’s fiber quality, can greatly increase the follow-up equipment load.

If your side choose detrashing system with D type hydrapulper, need at least 7 sets machines, not only the cost is high, but also the motor is big, future’s energy consumption also very large, meanwhile need many workers to operate and maintain, we have checked many foreign countries’ paper mills, most of those factories who choose this system, the ragger, rop cutter,grapple…haven’t use.